CG production demo seminar in Ishikawa technical high school

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It's an seminar for design department teachers at Ishikawa technical high school.

Required equipment

  • Mac BookPro(Notebook PC)
  • Intuos5 's pen table
  • iPhone


In order to let them know "what is the field CG" we have allowed
them to reproduct it again based on its own production.
  • photo retouching using "photoshop"
  • UI smartphone app. CG creating methods
  • video editing using"Premiere Pro"
  • video effect process using "After Effects"
  • sound effect using"Audition"
  • goowa processing video completion
  • creating specification document and camp
■使用ソフトウェアについて software that used in japanese sminar are these 6 programs below. In real, for one product we have used many apps to create it.
Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop processing & drawing design data, to create material of each medium.
Adobe Illustrator
Print or design data is used to create the layout data.
Adobe After Effects
Used for special video effect process.
Adobe Premiere Pro
Used to edit the video
Adobe Audition
Used to edit sound effect and music
Adobe Dreamweaver
Used when construction website.

iMacに液晶ペンタブレットに…。す、すごい… プロ顔負けの機材が整った環境で学べるとはすばらしいです!

日付: Tuesday April 2nd, 2013 | カテゴリ: goowalog > セミナー

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  • 2019/07/20:
    (日本語) パンフレット制作
  • 2019/07/15:
    (日本語) 建築パース制作
  • 2019/06/20:
    (日本語) WEBサイトリニューアル
  • 2019/05/01:
    (日本語) WEBサイトコンサルティング
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  • 2018/10/21:
    (日本語) webシステム構築
  • 2018/10/05:
    (日本語) iOS/Androidアプリ製作
  • 2018/09/13:
    (日本語) オーダリングシステム開発